Sports Diver

Sports Diver

Sports Diver training builds a sound foundation of open water diving skills and experience with structured, practical lessons. Qualified Sports Divers are ready to take part in dives with other Sports Divers or higher. Depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 35m after qualfying.

Sports Divers can embark on the first stage of the route of instruction.The BSAC Sports Diver Course includes theory lessons in a classroom, practical lessons in a swimming pool or similar sheltered water, and four open water dives. This course programme is used to develop BSAC Ocean Divers and holders of entry level qualifications issued by other diver training agencies, into BSAC Sports Divers.

The Sport Diver Course consists of the following elements:

  • six classroom lessons.
  • a theory assessment.
  • a dry practical lesson.
  • one Sheltered Water lesson.
  • one optional Refresher/Orientation dive.
  • five Open Water lessons.

Theory Training

•SPORT DIVING - Sport Diver course - Risk assessment

•DIVER RESCUE - Effective rescues - Priorities of resuscitation - Resuscitation

•EQUIPMENT AND TECHNIQUES - Shot lines - The SMB - Delayed SMB (DSMB) - Distance lines - The diving compass

•PLANNING FOR DEEPER DIVING - Partial pressure of gas - Nitrogen - BSAC decompression tables - Decompression & computers - Air planning & systems - Alternative air source

•AIR PLANNING AND SYSTEMS - Considering deeper or more challenging diving - Air Planning - Equipment configuration

•GOING DIVING - Going diving as a sport diver - Dive leading - Nitrox and rebreather divers - Nitrox - Rebreathers - Assistant dive marshal Sheltered water training

•SHELTERED WATER TRAINING RESCUE SKILLS - Emergency procedures including selfrescue and surface assistance to a buddy

•OPEN WATER DIVES SPORT DIVER REFRESHER/ORIENTATION - Have an enjoyable dive - Basic diving skills refresher

•DIVER RESCUE - Revision of Controlled Buoyant Lift of an unconscious casualty from depth - Recover casualty to shore with appropriate CPR

•USE OF SURFACE MARKER BUOY (SMB) - Use a SMB during all phases of a dive

•SIMULATED DECOMPRESSION DIVE - Plan and conduct a dive involving a decompression stop

•COMPASS NAVIGATION/DSMB DEPLOYMENT - Use a compass to navigate effectively underwater - Conduct a decompression stop using a DSMB deployed from the bottom

•DIVE LEADING/BASIC SKILL REVIEW - Plan a dive within the limitations of previous experience

•ASSISTANT DIVE MARSHAL - Experience the role of Assistant Dive Marshal by maintaining a dive log and understanding the relevance and importance of the information recorded for safe buddy pairing and adequate dive monitoring

•DIVING EXPERIENCE - Experience a range of 5 different conditions during a minimum in-water time of 150 mins since gaining the Ocean Diver qualification

•SPORT DIVER - THEORY TEST After this you will be qualified to dive to a Maximum depth of 35m.

Then if you wish to continue you will then goto Dive Leader or/and continue training to become a Qualified Instructor