• Dive Leader

  • Dive Leader training covers responsibilities and safety of leading other divers. Practical lessons will give divers confidence to deal with emergencies. Leading a dive will develop enjoyment, confidence and experience as a diver. Depth can be built progressively to a maximum of 50m after qualfying. Dive Leaders are eligible to progress to Open Water Instructor.

    Summary The BSAC Dive Leader Course includes theory lessons in a classroom, practical lessons in open water and twenty open water dives. The course programme is used to develop BSAC Sports Divers and holders of other medium level qualifications issued by other diver training agencies, into BSAC Dive Leaders.

    The Dive Leader Course consists of the following elements:
    •twelve classroom lessons
    •a theory assessment
    •seven Open Water lessons
    •two dry practical lessons
    •twenty dives (which may include the Open Water lessons), in a range of conditions, since qualifying as a Sports Diver