• Learn to Dive

  • Each try dive is about 1hour in duration, including poolside tuition on diving techniques and equipment. this is followed by a scuba dive in the pool with a BSAC qualified instructor to make sure you get the maximum enjoyment from your first scuba dive. In the equivalent of 4-6 days continous training you could be a BSAC ocean diver, a scuba qualification that will help you witness first hand the wonders of a coral reef and he host of marine life that it supports, underwater wrecks, a whole new world for you to explore. and its a sport that keeps you fit too.

    A try dive can help you save time and money by finding out in advance if you like diving or snorkeling. it allows you the chance to sample an exciting sport and to gain an insight into the fascinating world beneath the waves. The Try Dive Sessions can be anytime, just ask an instructor Don't forget, if you're under 18, you'll need to bring a parent or guardian. An instructor will take you through the basic SCUBA skills in a safe, friendly, pool environment.*, and for the more adventurous (or if you've dived before), the instructor may show you some more advanced skills. Interested?

    The format of the evening is very simple - Come along to the The Park Lesiure Center at 7pm on the evening of the try dive. Bring some pool wear, usually swimming trunks or shorts and a t-shirt or rash vest (a t-shirt or rash vest will prevent the equipment rubbing on your shoulders), and a towel.

    At the pool you will receive a brief introduction from our Diving Officer/Training Officer and then our Training Officer/Diving Instructor will give a brief presentation about the equipment. This usually takes no more then 20 minutes, and then it is into the pool, where a well trained group of club members will organise the equipment, and answer any questions you may have.

    Then its time for the main event!

    You will don your SCUBA (Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) equipment and your instructor will take you for your first underwater dive, all in complete safety. After that, its a short debriefing and hopefully you will put your name down to complete our Ocean Diver Course, the first step on your scuba diving career, and a qualification that will allow you to dive the world over!

    If you can't make it on the night but still want to learn to dive, please contact us using the details on the website contact page, as we can be flexible about arranging sessions at later dates. Happy Diving!

    *Please note: If you are under 18 you will need your parent or guardian to come with you on the night.