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Crummock Water

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Crummock Water   

Crummock Water is the largest of three lakes in the Buttermere Valley and lies 99m above sea level. It is 2.5 miles (4.0 km) long, 0.6 miles (0.97 km) wide and 140 feet (43 m) deep. It is surrounded by high hills and passes so care choosing a route home is required.

Crummock Water is an attractive and relaxing fresh water lake, the longest of three lakes in the Buttermere Valley, separated from Buttermere by a very narrow spit of land. Plenty of parking and easy access to the shore line on eastern side. Beaches are shingle and gently sloping. No special permission is required to dive in Crummock. The lake has trout, perch, minnows and Eels

The road goes along the south shore and there is limited parking that fills quickly in summer. There are two dives from Hause point towards the middle of the lake and others from the north end

  • Hawse Point (South) – Quartz Wall
  • Hawse Point (North)
  • Crummock South Beach

Hawse Point (South) – Quartz Wall

Parking is in the small car park on the B5289, just under a mile to the north west of the village of Buttermere just by Hause Point at the base of Rannerdale Knott.

The car park is free and is limited to about 10 vehicles, so aim to be early at weekends as it’s often busy.

Dive Site Access Turn left out of the car park and walk about 100m up the road to the end of the dry stone wall.  Descend the little path down the grassy bank to a small shingle beach and the shore entry point.

Alternatively a giant stride entry is possible off a rocky ledge further down the road in the same direction.

Dive: As you enter the water, the shingle quickly turns into large pebbles which can be slippery.  You need to walk about 5m out into the water to get about 1.5m depth.  The depth quickly drops off then to around 5m.  The bottom here is slit, so good buoyancy is essential to avoid kicking the silt up.

Keep the bank on your left and descend to your chosen depth.  Swim around the small bay where you will see trout, perch and eels. A variety of novelties will also be seen.  You will then reach a spectacular wall which runs for about 20 metres.  Depth is around 22 metres.

A line runs out perpendicularly from the base of the crag and continues out into the darkness to 30m down a silty slope.  The line turns through ninety degrees to about 33m


Hawse Point (North)

A second shallower dive can be made from the same entry point heading north -out and along sore line to approximately 15-20m dive if keeping close to shore line.   Alternatively straight out of further out into lake to 28-33m

Crummock Water (South Beach)

Alternative site at southern end of Crummock Water. Here there are two good laybys for half a dozen cars Here there is a short grassy bank that takes you down to the shore line of fine gravel

Diving out and around Island you get down to 10m plus down a gradual slope

Alternatively north west out into the lake takes you down to 30m

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