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Try Dives & Ocean Diver Training : October 22

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Try Dives & Ocean Diver Training :  October 22

In April this year, the club scheduled a series of ‘Try Dives’ at Barrow Leisure Centre.  Over the period of about six weeks we met ten individuals interested in seeing what the sport had to offer, all for their own individual reasons.

Amazingly of the ten Try Divers nine expressed an interest in taking training further and in joining the club.  The tenth already had a six-month conservation sabbatical in Indonesia booked which included a series of PADI training courses. She did express her thanks though and thought the Try Dive was a great benefit to her.

With nine new club members we therefore suspended Try Dives and started work on their initial training in the pool as well as on theory lessons. These have gone well and all nine trainees have now completed their pool training and at least their first four theory lessons.

Some trainees have purchased some of their own kit others are borrowing some of the club’s equipment.  Two groups have had an initial training day at Capenwray and all are keen to get into open water.

With training complete in the pool we have recently started some more Try Dives and will also highlight the opportunity of Diving for All (Diving with a Disability) locally.

We do have a short waiting list but if anyone is interested in trying the sport they should get in touch through the web site –  Book a Try Dive – Furness Diving Club (bsac61.com)

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