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Diving For All

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Scuba diving for people with disabilities and disadvantages

Fancy Learning to SCUBA Dive ?   

Anyone can learn scuba diving with us. Young or old, able-bodied or with physical or mental disabilities, you are welcome

Visit tropical coral reefs, historic shipwrecks, underwater caves, swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. The possibilities are endless and every dive immerses you in your own brand new adventure.

Learning to dive is an enjoyable and rewardingly achievable challenge.  It will give the opportunity to meet people with a common interest drawn from all walks of life and can help develop a feeling of wellbeing, personal confidence promoting good mental health.

Scuba diving can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, regardless of physical ability.

It is a great leveller and offers a unique sense of freedom. Once we are in the water we are all, to some degree, equal. Weightless, able to breathe and to move in three dimensions

Come and have a Try Dive !

As an initial first step into diving the Furness Diving Club offers taster sessions or ‘try dives’ in the swimming pool at Leisure Centre in Barrow Park, Greengate Street.

Each Try Dive is about one hour in duration. It includes some initial poolside tuition on diving techniques and equipment followed by a scuba dive in the pool with BSAC-qualified instructors

The leisure centre installed a Poolpod, submersible lift, back in 2019 to make aquatic activity more accessible. It provides dignified and independent access to the water for pool users.

After your try dive if you would like to go ahead and develop your knowledge and skills further in the equivalent of 4-6 days continuous training, you could become a fully qualified a BSAC Ocean Diver.

This scuba qualification will help you witness first hand, the wonders of the underwater world.

Breaking Barriers with Bubbles !

If you would like to have an initial chat please get in touch on line at



Diving for All

British Sub Aqua Clubs (BSAC) welcome any interest in diving or snorkelling from any segment of contemporary society, regardless of race, religion, background or disability, provided that there are no medical reasons that would stop a person diving.

It is important for us to understand the effect of any disability, present challenges and what can and cannot be done along with the extent of physical impairment e.g. blind, deaf, mental health (PTSD), anxiety, disease etc.

Our aim is to maximise what can be done and to offset that which may be found more challenging is a safe and secure manner.  Many persons with disabilities are very comfortable in the water and already make use of local swimming pools

With preparation paraplegic, quadriplegic can be accommodated. Being deaf or blind is not a restriction and likewise too for anyone suffering from Autism or Parkinson’s for instance diving can be a therapeutic activity.

A medical sign off is required. A self-declaration of fitness is our usual requirement unless a diver or trainee has to answer “yes” to one of the questions on the form or wants a medical examination for their own peace of mind. Sometimes a GP without any diving experience may not feel they are qualified to provide this certification in which case we can refer to a specialised diving medic who will be able to advise.

For someone who is reliant on a wheel chair for much of their daily life the feeling of being suspended in water provides a feeling of release, a sense of freedom and sometimes even pain relief.

Individuals with disabilities must want to learn to dive not pressured by family of friends.  It is important for us to understand their motivation their abilities, their experiences and their commitment.    A helper or family member is welcome to assist but our relationship is directly with the diver.

Getting active can reduce anxiety and stress, combat low mood and increase self-esteem?

Furness Diving Club

Furness Diving Club are a branch of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC). It has members drawn from all walks of life and it promotes the development and safe diving in the UK and abroad.

As well as a weekly pool sessions regular dives are organised throughout the Lake District as well as trips further afield both in the UK and abroad.

The club provides a range of BSAC development courses suitable for able bodied children and adults along-side those with physical and mental disabilities.

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