Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Diving into Barrow Docks

Waves Shape

Most people looking down into Barrow Docks would probably think they were dark, dirty and lifeless.

Not so !   After obtaining permission to dive into the docks Furness Diving Club were surprised to find an enormous variety of life.

No one has seen any big fish yet but we know they are there however, there was an incredible array of sponges, worms, and squirts of all different  shapes and sizes.

Whilst recording the species we saw as well as the physical habitat for Seasearch and the Marine Conservancy Agency we also too some video and still photos some of which were copied onto the ‘Beautiful Barrow’ facebook page.

Whilst the underwater environment was a surprise to the diving club the general reaction was one of amazement. People could not believe what was in Barrow docks and likened the photographs to the Maldives !!

The reaction was picked up by the local newspaper – Barrow dock diver finds sealife after ABP permission | The Mail (nwemail.co.uk)


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