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Planning a holiday or an adventure ?


Check what vaccinations are necessary and remember to pack your first aid kit

What drugs should you take ?Here is a bit of advice but, remember some people have allergies to certain products :

  1. Pain –      Paracetamol and / or Ibuprofen   (Codine is often ‘not liked’ by customs abroad could evenbe a banned substance)

Both can be taken together for better results as they act differently.

Ibuprofen reduces inflammation too for pulled muscles and sprains (with or after food)
Asprin is an alternative and also recommended with chest pains / suspected heart attack



2. Indigestion (heartburn) – Gaviscon tablets



3. Diarrhoea –  Loperamide (Imodium) stops aggravated  symtoms

2 straight away 1 after each motion drink water to rehydrate Dioralyte helps

Antibiotics not often used in UK – they sterilise stomach and kill good and bad bugs

(Antinal is readily available in Egypt);   A good anti spasmodic is Buscapon treating cramps

4. Nasal Decongestion / Ears
Pseudo-ephedrine Sudafed decongestion
(pseudoephedrine – strongest only over the pharmacy counter) (but phenylephering – will do)   However, not good for deep diving / high nitrox levels / can cause drowsiness

For blocked nose use the nasal spray – Sudafed blocked nose sprays / Otrvine / Saline spray

For blocked ears  Otex express – olive oil before hols and active bubbles to remove wax

5. Sea Sickness – Cinnarazine (Stugeron) tablets






6. Allergies – non drowsy antihistamine – Certirizine (allacon) or loratadine (clarytin) or Beconase for hay fever – less good rash) – Drowsy – Piriton

7. Fungal infections – Clotrimazole (Canastan) cream

8. Insect Bites / Jellyfish hydrocortisone cream 90 – dry skin / allergic reactions/ stings / bites

After Bite pens are also a useful addition to reduce itching

(hydrocortisone makes fungal infections worse – use Canistan)

9.Cuts and Scrapes Antisceptic Wipes and Savlon

10. Muscle pulls and sprains Volterol / Deep Heat rubs

11. Sun Burn – sun cream / after sun

12. Insects – Personal protectionMozzie nets / sprays / deet

13. Room / Tent Fly Spray – raid

Malaria – take special precautions


All contained in a nice waterproof box for safe keeping away from children and the elements.


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