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Equipment matters

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If you’re new to Scuba diving and snorkeling, you will want to know a bit about the type of kit you may need. You don’t need to buy the kit when you’re training, we can supply everything you will need to start you off in the pool.

Basic Snorkel Equipment

Basic snorkel equipment consists of the following:

Mask – to enable to look under water

Snorkel – to enable you to breathe whilst looking under water

Fins – to propel you through the water

Weights – to give you negative buoyancy (help you go down!)

Basic Diving Equipment

Additional and essential equipment required for SCUBA diving:

Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) or STAB jacket – this enables you to control your buoyancy

Cylinder or bottle – this contains your breathing air, 12ltr or 15ltr

Regulators – these are the bits that you breathe from consisting of a 1st stage (attached to your cylinder), a 2nd stage (the bit you stick in your mouth), a set of gauges (to measure air content and depth) and an octopus (also called alternate air source)

Additional Diving Equipment

Further equipment required to improve conditions and aid safe and comfortable diving:

Wetsuit – made from neoprene to keep you reasonably warm but wet

Hood – made from neoprene to keep your head warm

Gloves – made from either neoprene or rubber material to keep your hands warm

Drysuit – to keep you dry, usually made from either neoprene or tri-laminate materials

Undersuit – to keep you warm in your drysuit

SMB – (Surface Marker Buoy) is an inflatable blob to tow during your dive – shows everyone where you are

DSMB – (Delayed Surface Marker Buoy) is similar to SMB but is normally deployed at the end of a dive to mark where you will surface

Knife – can be very useful in case of entanglement

Dive computer – to help with working out dive times, depth, decompression stop requirements and a lot of other stuff

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