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SeaSearch Diving

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Seasearch Diving

Seasearch is a national project set up by the Marine Conservation Society for volunteer divers who have an interest in what they are seeing under water, who want to learn more and who want to help protect the marine environment.

The aim is to record marine habitats and species found around our coast, and to use the information to identify sites of specific conservation concern.

The area around Furness and in Morecambe Bay is of particular interest since very few scientific dives have taken place over the years.

Once qualified Seasearch divers can participate in organised surveys all over the country as well as recording observations from their own recreational dive

Nine members of the club signed up for an initial, entry level, Seasearch Observer Course late last year. This consists of a theory course which includes a number of dry, simulated dives and five additional qualification dives and assessments.

In normal times the initial course would be held face to face in a single group over a busy weekend but because of COVID this year it was held on Zoom. Three evening sessions were undertaken (with homework) and a final Sunday afternoon session.


How well do you know your anemones –



Sea Search Introductory Course – March 2021

The course included an introduction to the variety of marine life and it’s classification in British and Irish waters along with a review of identification books and useful web sites. Looking at main landscape and sea bed types it is possible to anticipate certain types of life before a dive.  Recording methods were then reviewed and practiced.

Three qualification dives have now taken place locally, two of them observed events.


Two observed qualification dives have now taken place the first from Roa Island jetty and the second west of Walney. A third dive was planned from Piel but due to circumstances once again took place from Roa Island jetty.

Further experience and survey dives are planned. Including some dives in Liverpool docks which could be interesting

(As an aside – we are still trying to get access to Barrow docks however there is an ABP policy not to allow recreational diving to take place in their facilities)

If anyone wants to join us please get in touch duncan@hoadhill.co.uk


There is no need to progress beyond a Seasearch observer however there is a progression offered

  • Seasearch Observer– for divers/snorkelers new to marine recording in British and Irish waters
  • Seasearch Surveyor– for experienced recorders who want to increase the value of the results
  • Recorder Workshops– mentoring and support for all recorders
  • Special Interest Courses– a range of ID and techniques courses for people who want to expand their knowledge


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